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Effective Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment in Harrisonburg, VA

We all take standing and walking for granted—until the pain becomes too much to bear. By joining the practice of Thomas Thang Tran, DPM, PC, you will find the relief you need to remain mobile. Our team provides foot and ankle pain treatment in Harrisonburg, VA. Thanks to our skill, experience, and compassionate approach to care, you have everything you need to take life in stride.

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown Toenails

Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe

Fungal Toenails

Fungal Toenails

Foot and ankle pain has many causes, and what you are suffering from is influenced by any number of different factors. Choose a podiatrist who understands your situation. Thomas provides effective treatment for sports injuries, as well as conditions that affect the feet and ankles. By visiting us for care, we’ll help determine the cause of your pain, treat it, and implement measures that minimize its severity and reoccurrence. We operate on a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including:

  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Flat Feet
  • Fungal Toenails
  • Bone Spurs
  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Toe Fractures
  • Heel Pain
  • Bunions
  • Sports Injuries
  • Calluses
  • Neuromas
  • Warts
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Foot & Ankle Pain
  • Hammer Toes
  • Arch Pain
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Minor Fractures
  • Bone Spurs

Podiatry Services You Can Count On

At Foot and Ankle Specialist, our medical professionals specialize in treating foot and ankle pain. We have accumulated years of experience and utilize advanced methods for diagnostics and treatment. By identifying the causes of your pain, and analyzing the conditions in which they developed, we implement care that helps you attain meaningful recovery.

Effective foot pain treatment and ankle pain treatment will make a difference in your daily life. Our podiatrists understand your situation. If you encounter swelling, redness, or sensitivity while walking or performing physical activity, then allow us to take a look. Often, these are the first indicators of conditions that may develop into something more complicated. By addressing these issues early, you can take advantage of effective treatment that will allow you to feel better sooner.

Contact us to request an appointment for podiatry services. We are located in Harrisonburg, VA, and serve the surrounding area.