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Plantar Fasciitis

Effective Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis in Harrisonburg, VA

If you’re a runner or physically active person, you may end up with painful and difficult injuries to treat. These are the types of problems that can develop slowly and be persistent or acute and cry out for treatment immediately. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis in Harrisonburg, VA, you can understand what we mean. It’s a painful problem and can be long-lasting and needs dedicated care to go away and not reoccur.

It’s a common cause of heel pain arising from inflammation of the thick band of tissue (plantar fascia) that runs along the bottom of your foot, connecting your heel bone to toes. The main symptom is stabbing pain when you take your first steps of the day or follow long-standing or sitting periods.

At Foot and Ankle Specialist, we understand how each step can be an ordeal when dealing with this condition, and we have the skills and training to help you find relief. Not only that, our foot and ankle doctor will provide you with ways to minimize the risk of this problem coming back in the future and slowing your fitness training regimen.

Please book an appointment with us to get the podiatry services you need to stay healthy and mobile.