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Foot and Ankle Specialist in Harrisonburg, VA

Thomas Thang Tran, DPM, PC, is a foot and ankle specialist in Harrisonburg, VA. Since 1995, Dr. Tran and the team at Foot and Ankle Specialist have been treating patients suffering from a wide range of foot and ankle issues, ranging from ingrown toenails to sports injuries. He also provides braces and prosthetics to patients throughout the region. With two convenient locations in the Shenandoah Valley, we make it easy to visit a podiatrist.

A Specialist with a Great Reputation

Dr. Tran specializes in treating medical issues affecting the foot and ankle. He has a reputation as an excellent physician who is caring and compassionate with all his patients. His approach to treatment is conservative, which means he views foot and ankle surgery as a last resort in most cases. Often, foot deformities and other issues can be successfully treated with custom-made shoes, inserts, or braces without foot surgery. But Dr. Tran is also an accomplished surgeon, and he performs surgeries to treat certain kinds of foot and ankle pain or remove diabetic foot ulcers.

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment

Pain in your feet or ankles can be excruciating. Dr. Tran offers a variety of foot and ankle pain treatment options. He’ll sit down with you, analyze your symptoms, and recommend a treatment that is safe and effective for your condition.

Nobody should have to suffer with foot pain, but many patients don’t realize that they have options or fear they will be judged. When you visit our clinic, you can be sure you will be treated with respect and compassion. Dr. Tran listens closely to his patients and makes sure he understands the symptoms they are experiencing. He takes the time to perform a thorough examination and come to a diagnosis that takes all the evidence into account. The course of treatment he recommends is based on risk, effectiveness, possible side-effects, and other factors.

Helping Children Worldwide

Dr. Tran is more than a podiatrist. He believes that his mission in life is to help others, especially children in need. He is committed to sharing God’s love, and he has devoted considerable time and effort to supporting children in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Contact us in Harrisonburg, VA, to book an appointment with Dr. Tran. We serve clients throughout the Shenandoah Valley.